Spot the Difference!

20th of Nov 2014

News from the BVI Yacht Charter Show 2014

  • Thecure Lagoon 620B
  • Enigma Lagoon 620
  • Thecure Lagoon 620C
  • Enigma Interiorsalon

Earlier this month, standing on the dock in the warm winter Caribbean sun, looking at two Lagoon 620 catamarans, you could not spot the difference between them.  Maybe a few variations in colour choice, decoration and obviously name, but otherwise identical in design and finish, looking straight out of the wrapping.

They were different though, THE CURE was Lagoon 620 hull #1 and the other ENIGMA was Lagoon 620 hull #61, five years apart in age.  The fact that the hull numbers had to be mentioned was testament to the design and build longevity of the Lagoon 620.  Any future owner should be reassured by the that fact that the yachts hold up so well over time and that the charter rates are only marginally different.  Credit should also be given the crews of these yachts whose hard work and attention to detail is obvious in the quality and delivery of such a great charter product.

Chartering catamarans of all sizes is incredibly popular in the British Virgin Islands.  As much a floating villa as a yacht, giving stability and space that even a monohull twice the size is pushed to match.  A new view every day, short distances between anchorages, luxurious cabins and a fabulous crew to look after your every need make for a truly wonderful holiday.  Having tried the catamaran charter experience, family and friends who may have thought that it wouldn’t suit them, will be converted for good.

It was also obvious amongst the several Lagoon 620s being exhibited at the British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Show that they were very popular amongst owners, charterers and crew.  Charter bookings are strong for the 2014/2015 season and crews are excited about the prospect of looking after guests in the idyllic British Virgin Islands.

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