Next Stop Miami for the 630 Motor Yacht

31st of Oct 2014
  •  NCL1511 A3
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  • 630MY Salon Lateral Galley

With the Barcelona Boat Show now behind her, the 630 will begin her world tour crossing the Atlantic to the Miami Boat Show in February 2015 and then continue across the Pacific to be exhibited at the Hainan and Singapore Boat Shows in April 2015.

Graham Laver told us how Lagoon are bringing us blue water cruising in complete tranquility with greater comfort and a sense of complete safety.

 “This is a boat for seeing the world, not just a boat for others to see. This is what sets it apart from its competitors who are mainly building short range, high consumption motorboats with two hulls. The 630 is for people who have done their share of fast motor boating and want to extend their horizons much, much further. I am sure it will also appeal to sailors who want guaranteed arrival times, while still enjoying the process of getting there, but without the hassle of managing a tall sailing rig.”

We know from other Lagoon designs how well the interior works and as such there are no major changes apart from some cosmetic enhancements which will bring the boat closer in line with power boating expectations, while remaining highly practical.
The standard engines are twin 260hp Volvos, with 300hp as an option her new owners can expect to cruise between 12 to 16 knots with the smaller engine option. With 3000 litres of fuel, she will have transatlantic capability.
Under the water the boat has long shallow keels for strength and to protect the stern gear. Following extensive tank testing, careful attention has been paid to the hull design at the aft sections to maximise efficiency and economy.

If you would like more information, or would like to view the revolutionary new 630, please contact Graham Laver on 02380 450 000 or email