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A Villa that can take you to a different destination every day

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Villa holidays are hugely popular worldwide, from the basic self-catering version, to the fully staffed, luxurious and palatial. Chosen for their specific features, whether it be location or simply being spoilt, many people choose a villa holiday year after year.

Up until recently, one type of villa, proving very popular with American vacationers, had been overlooked by many Europeans – and that is one that ticks all the boxes. The luxurious catamaran is a floating villa which ensures everyone’s holiday fantasies will be satisfied, whether it be the view which changes daily, the location - always warm and sunny; or of course the fabulous food. All of Ancasta Charter’s specifically selected chefs have had significant experience working in some of the best restaurants in the world. Menus and wines can be chosen in advance to make sure your preferences are fully catered for and you’ll be spoilt with delicious cuisine while enjoying the one to one attention of your crew.

Plying the waters of the Caribbean in Winter and the Mediterranean in Summer, these spacious multihulls offer the ultimate luxury villa experience. Sunlight streams into the saloon and cabins, while exterior ‘terraces’ offer several different areas for you to lie in the sun, doze in the shade, swing in a hammock, or dine alfresco.

However one of the major advantages has to be the immediate access to the sea, whether snorkelling, paddle boarding, wake boarding, or just swimming, it is literally only a few steps away.

Incredibly stable, both when anchored and under way, if sailing is your passion, you and your companions will effortlessly glide through the water at a comfortable speed covering as much distance as is your preference. Our captains are fully qualified to look after such a yacht, knowing all the best anchorages in the area you are exploring. So why hesitate? – Your floating villa is waiting for you 

Prices begin from around £2500 per person per week, plus flights and transfers. For full information on how we can help, simply call Rod Hodgson at Ancasta Charter for further details +447799321378/ or visit